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Our commitment to accuracy, precision, and affordability sets us apart from other payroll providers.


Payroll Services Maidstone offers a comprehensive pension calculation tool that helps you calculate Statutory pensions for employees and employers. The tool provides flexible reports and the automated submission of pension data to authorities and pension providers ensures accuracy and ease.

Payroll Admin support

Rely on our team of professionals to provide the support and guidance you need to streamline your payroll management process. Our expertise extends to the intricate details of payroll tax laws and employment laws, ensuring that your payroll management process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Prompt reporting

Payroll Service Maidstone's reporting solution streamlines the process of accessing essential information about your payroll, including employee reports, National Insurance reports, and tax reports. With our system, you can access this information at a moment's notice and make informed decisions.

Holidays and Absence

Complex holidays and absence Paying can be daunting. The functionality tool provided by Payroll Service Maidstone offers an easy way to manage and calculate holidays and absence pay. This assists employers in navigating the labyrinth of labor and tax laws, & avoid any problems.

Lower Cost

Payroll Service Maidstone's low rates offer a cost-effective solution for companies looking to manage their payroll. Our outsourcing services provide a budget-friendly alternative to maintaining in-house accountants for similar services.

Auto Date Driven

Our automated system enhances the accuracy and efficiency of payment and liability calculation, reducing manual effort, and providing a centralized source of truth for payroll and HR functions.

Submissions to HMRC

Payroll Service Maidstone provides seamless submissions to HMRC through the RTI system. The authorized forms such as P11D, P32, P60, and P45 are all readily available, eliminating the need for manual completion and reducing any risks.

Management Timesheet

Payroll Service Maidstone's platform calculates the wages of your employees with accuracy and speed. The national insurance and income tax calculations are also automated, making the process effortless and straightforward.

Fully Compliant & Time-saving.

Stay up-to-date with HMRC regulations with out help. We provide valuable insights on pay rates, income tax, and national insurance thresholds to ensure your business stays compliant."

Easy Process & Quick Additions

Our payroll system simplifies employee management by providing multiple salary/wages agreement options. The ease of updating employee information saves valuable time and streamlines your payroll process.

Workforce Clock Sheet Calculation Tool

The clock sheet calculation tool enables you to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and automate payroll processes. Reducing the time and effort required to manage payroll.

SMP and SSP Calculations

The team of experts at Payroll Service Maidstone offers support for all your payroll needs, including the calculation of statutory sick pay and maternity pay. Our tools make it easy to determine the correct amounts and accurately record them on pay slips.

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